It's a lovely Autumn Evening and you are contemplating on the necessary tasks you must perform this very moment. Often you acquire a certain covetousness for something. Something utterly significant in your life. What, you may ask? Who knows. You may be a brilliant person who adores good books, a stylish person who adores classy attire, an artistic person who adores soothing music, an inquisitive person who adores history, a yearning person who adores travelling, a perfectionist who doesn't give himself enough credit. See, we're already so alike. I wonder what else we have in common.

About Me 

Hello there. I am eighteen-years-old and I reside in California.

I have many hobbies which include:

  • singing
  • reading
  • writing
  • ballet
  • tennis
  • politics
  • music
  • history
  • dancing
  • swimming
  • soccer
  • and many others

I’d love to discover the world one country at a time.

posted 2 years ago
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